CityBlock Gillows, Lancaster

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In 1997, CityBlock acquired the well-known Gillows building in Lancaster. A year later, renovation began to turn the ground floor unit of the building into 1,100 capacity nightclub, Liquid.

The 20,000 sq ft unit was occupied by a variety of users for 15 years, before closing to make way for a redevelopment of the site.

In 2017, full planning approval was awarded on Gillows, to transform the building into student accommodation.

The development was completed in 2019 and is now home to 96 students. Spacious, modern rooms are set within the traditional, historic architecture of the building – it is a truly unique place for them to call home.

"Brilliant experience for my first year! Staff are really helpful, and if you have any concerns they reply straight away. It is very conveniently placed, being close to Lancaster Town Centre and only a short walk up to the University."

Hannah Singleton Student - Lancaster December 7, 2017

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